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Justin Lassen releases remix collection!

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Justin Lassen remixes

Electronica wizard Justin Lassen recently released a 24-track collection of some of his best remixes from 1999-2011. Included in the set, alongside acts like David Bowie, Evanescence, Linkin Park, and Madonna is a new edit of the superb remix he did for my Testube track "Self-Obsoletion".  keep reading »

New Testube album now available!

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Unintentional Packaging

The new Testube full length titled Unintentional has just been released! Featuring remixes from Type001, Unterm Rad, R010R, Justin Lassen, LowHero.DLL, and In Virus Tandem, this limited release serves as the perfect companion piece to the 2010 Testube album Off Purpose. Also included are several new tracks by Testube and a collaboration with Michael Lauter (White Trash Compactor). The album is available for download from all popular online retailers, as well as the Testube music store. A limited boutique CDr version is also being sold via Glim Records, with unique hand-assembled packaging and a "spontane" game spinner, designed to intentionally incite the unintentional in your life.

New remix album from Testube nearly ready!

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Testube - Unintentional

I'm pleased to announce that I'm awaiting the control copy of the new companion remix album for last year's Testube full length Off Purpose. The music has been mastered, the art designed, and sent off to the plant, and once I receive the test pressing prototype, we'll have a green light for duplication. With this release, you can expect stunning remixes from cutting edge electronic artists like R010R, Unterm Rad, In Virus Tandem, Digital Dirt Heads, Type001, and of course my awesome labelmate LowHero.DLL.  keep reading »

Testube makes it through second round of Ministry contest finalists!

Ministry band documentary

Just noticed that Testube has made it into the second round of finalists for the Ministry "Fix" remix/remake contest! According to the producers, hundreds of submissions were received, and they have now narrowed it down to 12 finalists. The winner will be featured on a companion disc for the upcoming documentary film about the industrial band Ministry, titled FIX.

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