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New Testube track featured on Genome 2

I am honored to have been selected for inclusion on the second sampler of the Genome series by Point Source Electronic Arts! Like the first edition, the sampler features an excellent group of experimental electronic artists who have created unique compositions from a common set of sounds. The results are stunning!

Testube interviewed by Brutal Resonance

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The electro-industrial music magazine Brutal Resonance recently set up an in-depth interview to discuss the new Testube album, my recent time spent living off-grid, as well as some of the project's history. Check it out!

Backwater release news

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Who's ready for some Backwater? Haha, sorry that sounds bad, doesn't it? No worries, I'm not talking about some sort of leftover swill percolating at the bottom of a sewage trench. It's actually the name of the new Testube album, and it is set for release this Friday on Bandcamp and all major online streaming platforms. And as luck would have it, this Friday marks another "Bandcamp Friday" so that's a great place to pick it up.

Looking for a sneak preview before the album drops? Check out the streaming premiere on Brutal Resonance, and then drop by my Testube page on Bandcamp to pre-order. In addition to the usual digital downloads, I'm also hand-assembling a very limited run of cassette tapes with custom hydro-dipped cases. It's been nearly 25 years since I've released anything on cassette, so this will be quite the rarity from me. Have a great weekend!  keep reading »

Teaser clip released for new Testube album "Backwater"

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In 2012, I went off-grid, building a small cabin nestled deep in the Ozark Mountains. It was an interesting experiment, and I learned a few things about myself, but living without electricity isn't very conducive to crafting electronic music. My workstation was very minimal, consisting primarily of a laptop, usb-powered midi controller, and headphones. All of my synths, samplers, and drum machines were tucked away in storage. I would charge my laptop at the library when I went into town, and use it until the battery gave up. It was very frustrating! As a result, some of the tracks on this new album have been in the works for over ten years. The result is "Backwater" - a collection of 17 diverse tracks that have been held back for too long. The album is currently being mastered and will be released via Bandcamp on April 1, 2022 - no fooling! Pre-order here: https://testube.bandcamp.com/album/backwater

I'm happy to say that my studio, while still relatively minimal, is now fully powered and I expect my musical output to drastically increase. I hope you'll stay with me as I re-acquaint myself with the music industry and unleash the latest sounds of TESTUBE upon the world.

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