The Audio Experiments of Jeff Danos

Jeff Danos has been crafting experimental electronic music since 1994. He enjoys creating order out of chaos, regardless of genre. Approaching each new musical release as an experiment in sound, he fuses atypical idm, industrial, glitch, and ambient textures into complex cohesive compositions...which is a fancy way of saying that he has a knack for making strange and experimental music somehow more palatable.

Testube is his most prominent musical project. However, this website will also include information on other related audio projects featuring Jeff Danos.

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DSBP Compilation Re-issues

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dsbp reissues

I've just learned that DSBP has been reissuing some of their early compilations as digital downloads on Bandcamp, with bonus tracks and new artwork. Some of these include rare tracks by Testube and other projects that I was involved with from 1997-2003. The reissues have been added to the official Testube discography, and you can download them via the DSBP Bandcamp page.

1998 - Looking Back at a Year of Change

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Twenty years ago, I was working with Bryan Elsloo on what would ultimately become the last full length album from our project Wrack Process. I had also made the difficult decision to shut down my record label, the United Endangered Front, in order to spend more time focusing on my own solo music projects. And as if that weren't enough, I was also moving my songwriting process from traditional hardware-based sequencing to this newfangled thing known as a computer DAW. The end result of this wave of changes in my life, happening all at once, was the Testube concept album Bioplaza, which turned out to be one of my proudest moments as a musician. You can listen (or revisit) it via the link below:

Testube presents Volume 1 of Anomalies collection

Anomalies Vol. 1

Thanks in part to heavy exposure on popular Youtube channels like Dark5, I've been seeing a resurgence of interest in my earliest Testube recordings. This prompted last year's 20 Year Anniversary re-release of the original Testube demo titled Soul. Following in those same nostalgic footsteps is Volume 1 of the Anomalies collection, which features lost tracks from the early days of the Testube project, including the two original debut tracks recorded live by myself and Bryan Elsloo. These two tracks - titled "Shango" and "Ritual" - appeared on the very first Testube self-titled cassette release on UEF Records. Also included in this new collection are six previously unreleased songs and four rare remixes/revisions of tracks that appeared in their original form on the Soul and Second Soul albums. All tracks in this first edition of the Anomalies collection were taken from the original analog master recordings, and given a minor bit of remastering. Special thanks to those who have rekindled an interest in these lost recordings from over 20 years ago!

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