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Help bring Sleeping Pills back to life!

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Sleeping Pills

Over the years, I've been rewarded with numerous opportunities to provide music and audio themes to several motion picture soundtracks. Michael Lauter's cult hit Sleeping Pills was one such project, and it also served as my initial foray into the world of acting (I played a suburban cult member named "Abortion"). However, as is the case with many items "underground" and "independent", the film is a rare find at your local movie retailer. As a result, I get lots of requests from fans wanting to know where they can see it.  keep reading »

Spectrauma released digitally to global markets!

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I've just received word that the psychological thriller SPECTRAUMA (featuring music by Testube) has just been released digitally as an MP4 download, and is now available globally as an HD rental. A special Blu-Ray edition will follow later this year. You can learn more about this haunting film at IMDb or directly from the Spectrauma website. Here's a trailer:

Herbert Soundtrack Remix album featuring Testube!

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Herbert remixes

Herbert, the Misanthropical Fly is a twisted but fun little app for the iPhone featuring a knockout soundtrack by musical guru Justin Lassen. Justin hit me up for a remix not too long ago, and that remix has just been released as part of the Herbert Soundtrack Remix Album! As Justin points out, this release is amazingly diverse, covering "everything from dub step to metal to industrial to pop to orchestral, drum n bass, IDM, glitch-tech..."

So check out the killer Herbert app, and be sure to download this free remix soundtrack today!  keep reading »

Testube to work on score for new film 'Spectrauma'


Testube will be contributing to the score of an upcoming feature film titled Spectrauma, to be released later this year. The film is a psychological horror/thriller centering around a quantum computer experiment gone wrong. I'm thrilled to be working once again with highly talented Kinotonik filmmaker Michael Lauter. In the past, my audio contributions to the film world have mostly consisted of pre-written songs submitted for inclusion in soundtracks. But in this case, I will be scoring new thematic audio and syncing it with moving images.  keep reading »

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