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Treatments CD Compilation Final Tracklisting

treatments comp

Today, I received my control copy from Kunaki for the new Treatments CD compilation! It turned out great, and I can't wait to receive additional copies of the disc and release it to the public. (As much fun as digital releases can be, it still seems so much more satisfying when I get to hold a physical representation of my efforts in my hands!)

Set for official release on September 5th, 2009, we are limiting this compilation disc to only 100 duplicated copies with full color art and a shrink-wrapped jewelcase. It will be sold for only $3.99 plus shipping.  keep reading »

Testube Remix Compilation Nearing Completion

Treatments Remix Compilation

I'm putting the finishing touches on a couple of the remastered remixes for the upcoming Treatments compilation. The tracks span 10+ years from 1998-2009, so getting them to sonically compliment each other has been a challenge! I am expecting it to be released sometime next month on Glim Records. Attached is a preview of the cover art.  keep reading »

LowHero.DLL Releases Sub-Intellect EP featuring Testube Remix


Lots of great news today! Jonathan Chalker, fellow Glim Records recording artist, has just released his new LowHero.DLL EP titled Sub-Intellect. With this release, Jonathan has seasoned his polished electro-pop approach with some indie rock sounds. The disc features six new tracks and remixes from Digital Dirt Heads, Wavemoods, and Testube!

In Virus Tandem releases archive disc!

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ivt - archive

Bryan Elsloo, former co-conspirator from the early band Wrack Process, and solo electronic mastermind behind the audio project In Virus Tandem has returned from the dead! He has just uploaded 12 classic IVT tracks (spanning ten years) as an "Archive" disc to his In Virus Tandem page at Bandcamp. Check them out!  keep reading »

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