The Audio Experiments of Jeff Danos

Testube takes on Ministry!

Psalms to the Profit

As part of a promotion for their new movie FIX, the band Ministry recently sponsored a contest in which bands were invited to download some of the original sounds from their popular song "Psalm 69" and remix/remake the track. The winner will be hand selected by Paul Barker, and included on a companion album for the film.

Seeing as I have been a fan of Ministry for a long time now (longer than Al Jourgensen would like to remember, based on criticisms of his early works), I was excited to take a crack at producing a Testube rendition of "Psalm 69". More than just a remix, this new track titled "Psalms to the Profit" features the original bass line courtesy of Paul Barker, and a few of those funny evangelical samples. Everything else, however, is completely new. As for my new lyrics, I was inspired by all of those contemporary churches trying to visually (and financially) out-do one another; you know the type - with the triple 200 foot-tall crosses out front. And let's not forget the 75-foot statue of Christ near my hometown that was lovingly built by a racist and anti-semite as part of a Christian theme park attraction in the 1960's. In a nutshell, this song is all about organized religion corrupted by money and power.

So what happens when you throw a little Ministry in the mix? Pretty much the same thing that happened with Skinny Puppy's Rabies - you get a slightly meaner, boot-stompin' sound; in my case, with a tinge of post punk. Somehow, I managed to keep the parental advisory at bay (May Al never forgive me). The single should be available in digital stores (Amazon, iTunes, etc.) in a day or so. Enjoy!

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