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Testube's Wave of Mutilation is now available!

wave of mutilation

The new Pixies cover song "Wave of Mutilation" that I recorded to help with the Japanese Red Cross Society's tsunami relief is now available! You can hear a preview clip of the track, or purchase it directly from the official Testube music store. The song is also making its way to larger online retailers like iTunes, eMusic, and Amazon and should be available for purchase from those sites soon.

Please help spread the word, and don't forget to also donate directly to one of the more reputable charitable organizations assisting the victims of the tsunami. Thanks!  keep reading »

Pixies cover song to benefit Tsunami victims

Wave of Mutilation

I've just completed recording and mastering a brand new cover version of the classic Pixies track "Wave of Mutilation", as made famous by the popular eighties flick about pirate radio Pump Up the Volume! The slow and melancholy "UK Surf" version of this song has always been one of my favorite songs from the Pixies, and the Testube version stays fairly faithful to the mood and delivery of this tasty soundtrack dirge, while giving it a more electronic contemporary spin.

The new cover version of "Wave of Mutilation" should be available online as a digital single by the end of the week; I'm just waiting for mechanical licensing clearance, since it is a cover song. All proceeds will go to the Japanese Red Cross Society to assist the victims of the recent horrible tragedies in Japan. Please keep the Japanese people in your thoughts. I'll post a follow-up when the digital single goes live.  keep reading »

My Second Guest Deejay Set for Re:Automation Radio

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Re:Automation Radio

The folks over at Re:Automation Radio recently asked me to contribute another guest deejay set for their amazing podcast of industrial, IDM, and experimental music. You can listen to it here.

Included in the set is a short preview track titled "Widgets Spontane" from the upcoming Testube disc Unintentional. Enjoy!

Testube to work on score for new film 'Spectrauma'


Testube will be contributing to the score of an upcoming feature film titled Spectrauma, to be released later this year. The film is a psychological horror/thriller centering around a quantum computer experiment gone wrong. I'm thrilled to be working once again with highly talented Kinotonik filmmaker Michael Lauter. In the past, my audio contributions to the film world have mostly consisted of pre-written songs submitted for inclusion in soundtracks. But in this case, I will be scoring new thematic audio and syncing it with moving images.  keep reading »

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