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Treatments Remix Compilation Now Shipping!

Treatments comp

The 'Treatments' CD compilation is a collection of rare and exclusive remixes created by Testube from the years 1998-2009. Featuring 16 total tracks and clocking in at just under 78 minutes, this multi-faceted disc showcases Testube's unpredictable signature sound as applied to a diverse collection of stellar electronic acts. There's a little bit of everything on this disc, including slick electro-pop (LowHero.DLL), gutsy aggressive dirges ( Pain Station / Monstrum Sepsis), cuts from popular industrial side-projects of Haujobb and Unter Null, organic electro-rock gone awry (Ptyl / I, Parasite), quirky IDM glitch-pop (Thine Eyes / Burikusu!!!), gritty electro-industrial (Torrent Vaccine / Skin Contact), minimal thematic scores (Paranoid Axis / White Trash Compactor), and hard-hitting EBM from the classic Danish mastermind Leæther Strip!

This compilation is being limited to 100 professionally duplicated copies on CDr with full color artwork and shrinkwrapped jewelcase. No money is being made on this disc - it's just for fun, and for those who have been asking me where to get these remixes. As such, it is being sold for only $3.99 plus shipping.

PLEASE NOTE- This release was originally scheduled for release on Sep. 5th. However, UPS lost the first shipment of discs. The replacement shipment has arrived, and ALL PRE-ORDERS HAVE NOW BEEN SHIPPED! :)

If you haven't ordered your copy yet, you can get it here while they last: http://testube.com/treatments

01. LowHero.DLL - Open Mind (Testube Treatment)
02. Testube - Sweet Ends Our Happiness (Treatment)
03. Ptyl - Distress (Testube Treatment)
04. Stray - Does It Really Matter? (Testube Remix)
05. Destroid - Friend or Foe (Foe Sure Mix by Testube)
06. Monstrum Sepsis - Samisdata (Carbonated Mix by Testube)
07. I, Parasite - Four Last Things (Testube's Dub)
08. Skin Contact - Under the Skin (Testube Remix)
09. LowHero.DLL - Forget Me Now (Testube Mix)
10. White Trash Compactor - Body Gulch pt. 3 (Olive Branch Mix by Testube)
11. Pain Station - Dead Inside (Dry Ice Treatment by Testube)
12. Burikusu!!! - Year 2080 (Testube Treatment)
13. Thine Eyes - The Celibate (Sludge Hammer Mix by Testube)
14. Torrent Vaccine - Exude (Testube Treatment)
15. Leæther Strip - Carry Me (Testube Remix)
16. Paranoid Axis - Unity (Syamese Severed Mix by Testube)

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