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Treatments CD Compilation Final Tracklisting

treatments comp

Today, I received my control copy from Kunaki for the new Treatments CD compilation! It turned out great, and I can't wait to receive additional copies of the disc and release it to the public. (As much fun as digital releases can be, it still seems so much more satisfying when I get to hold a physical representation of my efforts in my hands!)

Set for official release on September 5th, 2009, we are limiting this compilation disc to only 100 duplicated copies with full color art and a shrink-wrapped jewelcase. It will be sold for only $3.99 plus shipping.

There are 16 tracks total, all remixed by Testube during the years 1998-2009, including many of which are exclusive or rare and hard-to-find.

Here is the final tracklisting:
01. LowHero.DLL - Open Mind (Testube Treatment)
02. Testube - Sweet Ends Our Happiness (Treatment)
03. Ptyl - Distress (Testube Treatment)
04. Stray - Does It Really Matter? (Testube Remix)
05. Destroid - Friend or Foe (Foe Sure Mix by Testube)
06. Monstrum Sepsis - Samisdata (Carbonated Mix by Testube)
07. I, Parasite - Four Last Things (Testube's Dub)
08. Skin Contact - Under the Skin (Testube Remix)
09. LowHero.DLL - Forget Me Now (Testube Mix)
10. White Trash Compactor - Body Gulch pt. 3 (Olive Branch Mix by Testube)
11. Pain Station - Dead Inside (Dry Ice Treatment by Testube)
12. Burikusu!!! - Year 2080 (Testube Treatment)
13. Thine Eyes - The Celibate (Sludge Hammer Mix by Testube)
14. Torrent Vaccine - Exude (Testube Treatment)
15. LeƦther Strip - Carry Me (Testube Remix)
16. Paranoid Axis - Unity (Syamese Severed Mix by Testube)

I will follow-up soon with information for those who may be interested in pre-ordering a copy, as there is a good chance that this one will sell out fairly quickly. Thanks for your patience!

Promo Copy

Hey Jeff, Do you think you could send me a few promo copies for myself and the 3 guys from Thine Eyes for their mix?

Hey Jester!

Long time no talk! Hope you are doing great. I've been talking about this one with Laird on Facebook. I am planning on sending copies out to all of the acts involved. I'll email you for mailing details. Thanks!

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