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Testube to Remix LowHero.DLL again!

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I'm about 75% complete with a remix for LowHero.DLL's new track "Open Mind". You can hear the original version (which kicks ass) at the offical LowHero.DLL homepage.

In other news, I have (so far) received permission for all but three of the remixes that I want to include in the new Testube Treatments remix compilation. The good news is that of those three, none have said that I can NOT use the remix - they simply haven't responded yet (or in the case of Biopsy, I am having trouble finding current contact information).

Confirmed tracks so far include my Testube remixes for:

+ Leaether Strip
+ Paranoid Axis
+ Stray
+ LowHero.DLL
+ Pain Station
+ White Trash Compactor
+ Monstrum Sepsis
+ Ptyl
+ Destroid
+ Skin Contact
+ Burikusu
+ I, Parasite

Almost there!

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