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Covert EP - Finalized Tracklisting

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Covert EP

I will be uploading the new Testube Covert EP to Kunaki tomorrow. At first, it was going to be a short single, but I ended up with a handful of really great remixes to include. They are very diverse and help keep this release from falling prey to "Headhunter" syndrome.

With ten total tracks, including four new songs and remixes from LowHero.DLL, Digital Dirt Heads, Type 001, R010R, and Ptyl, it is more like a maxi-single or EP.

Here's the final tracklisting:
01. Sweet Ends Our Happiness
02. Faux Vision
03. Sweet Ends Our Happiness (Treatment)
04. Faux Vision (DDH Remix)
05. Faux Vision (TPFKAA Slave Revision)
06. Sweet Ends Our Happiness...[Don't Say] I Love You
07. Faux Vision (FLIR Mix by R010R)
08. Russian Kid Nee
09. Sweet Ends Our Happiness (LowHero.DLL Remix)
10. Having Moved

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