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Project : Memory Dump just launched!

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This year has been rough. How's 2020 treating you? I have just launched a new community audio project and you're invited to add your voice to this historical record of the state of things. Deadline to participate is Sep. 30, 2020. Here's the link: https://ProjectMemoryDump.com

Testube to work on score for new film 'Spectrauma'


Testube will be contributing to the score of an upcoming feature film titled Spectrauma, to be released later this year. The film is a psychological horror/thriller centering around a quantum computer experiment gone wrong. I'm thrilled to be working once again with highly talented Kinotonik filmmaker Michael Lauter. In the past, my audio contributions to the film world have mostly consisted of pre-written songs submitted for inclusion in soundtracks. But in this case, I will be scoring new thematic audio and syncing it with moving images.  keep reading »

Testube makes it through second round of Ministry contest finalists!

Ministry band documentary

Just noticed that Testube has made it into the second round of finalists for the Ministry "Fix" remix/remake contest! According to the producers, hundreds of submissions were received, and they have now narrowed it down to 12 finalists. The winner will be featured on a companion disc for the upcoming documentary film about the industrial band Ministry, titled FIX.

Testube makes first round of finalists in Ministry contest!

Ministry - Fix Movie

The producers of FIX - The Ministry Movie have just announced the first round of finalists for their Psalm 69 remix/remake contest, and Testube made it into the list! In the next round, they will be choosing the top 10 submitted tracks, with the final winner to be chosen by Paul Barker (of Ministry) himself. Please cross your fingers for me, and don't forget to "like" their page on Facebook.

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