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Testube takes on Ministry!

Psalms to the Profit

As part of a promotion for their new movie FIX, the band Ministry recently sponsored a contest in which bands were invited to download some of the original sounds from their popular song "Psalm 69" and remix/remake the track. The winner will be hand selected by Paul Barker, and included on a companion album for the film.  keep reading »

Before Testube, there was Wrack Process!

wrack process

A long time ago, while working in a grocery store far, far away, I met this crazy young punk named Bryan Elsloo. Like myself, he had been sentenced to the mentally stimulating evening grind of bagging groceries, pushing a broom, and fetching shopping carts. By day, we battled football jocks and rich "valley kids", regularly taking beatings for being gay (even though we weren't) and acting weird (which we did). We had a lot in common! We also discovered a similar taste in electronic music, and a nostalgic bent for post-punk, industrial, and goth subcultures. We decided to start a band!  keep reading »

'Corporation' Now Available at Digital Retailers


Just a quick update for the month of June. The 2003 Testube album titled Corporation is now available as a digital download from popular retail sites such as Amazon and iTunes. I also understand that DSBP Records has some physical copies available and they are on sale for the low price of $7.  keep reading »

Testube Digital Re-Releases Now Available

Testube at Bandcamp

I recently signed up with Bandcamp and will be trying them out for direct digital sales of my releases. Please take a look at the new Testube music pages and send me your comments and questions. I am very impressed with their interface so far, and believe that it will greatly streamline digital archive management and sales.  keep reading »

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