The Audio Experiments of Jeff Danos
Futronik Structures V5
CD - DSBP Records
Catalog: DSBP#1084
Released June 2007
Various Artists

Futronik Structures Volume 5

After several years of silence, TESTUBE presented DSBP with this exclusive new track for their 10th anniversary edition of the Futronik Structures compilation series.

Floor Fodder
05:05 From the release:
Futronik Structures Volume 5
Reviews of Futronik Structures Volume 5:
  • "Similarly, Testube break ranks totally with the offbeat electronica that is 'Floor Fodder,' taking their foot off the pedal with an odd piece that stands out, if only because it is so different from the rest of the album."
    Nov 2007
  • "TESTUBE represents the intelligent side of the DSBP roster and can be called a veteran act for this label – Jeff Danos has already contributed tracks under different monikers and collaborated with Tommy in the early years. The mixture of modern Electronica, Trance and IDM styles is always exciting to check out – let's hope for a new release soon."
    Jul 2007
    Chain DLK
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