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Futronik 1 reissue
MP3 - DSBP Records
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Released October 2017
Various Artists

Futronik Structures Vol. 1 (Reissued)

In 2017, DSBP Records began reissuing some of their older compilations as digital downloads on Bandcamp, with bonus tracks and new artwork. The song "Connect" was originally an instrumental from an old Testube demo that Tommy T (of Diverje) borrowed and added vocals. It was released in 1997 on the original Futronik Structures Vol. 1 CD under the band name Provizion - basically a collaborative piece that featured music by Testube and vocals by Diverje. On this reissue, it is credited as a "Provizion Remaster" of a song by the band in-Fused, Tommy T's solo act.

Also appearing on the reissue is the song "DN/A" by Jeff's early band Wrack Process.

Wrack Process
04:07 From the release:
Futronik Structures Vol. 1 (Reissued)
04:50 From the release:
Futronik Structures Vol. 1 (Reissued)
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