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Embarrassing Xmas Bonus Track

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xmas bonus

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday season.
Consider this your Christmas bonus:

I was rummaging around the studio the other day to make room for some Xmas gifts that I needed to hide from the kids, and came across a box of old cassette masters. Just for fun, I dug one of them out and digitized it. It was a one-off project from 1996 called "Elektravolta", in which I performed a rather humorous rendition of the BeeGees disco track Stayin Alive. I didn't even get the lyrics right. There's nothing really "Christmassy" about it - it's just a random offering from the discography archives.

I'll leave it up for download until the end of the year.

Elektravolta - Stayin Alive (Xmas Bonus 1996)

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