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Ambient Arkansas compilation features new Testube track!

Ambient Arkansas

When you've got coyotes and owls keeping you up at night, why not break out the audio recorder and make some ambient music? That was my idea when Shane Morris first approached me to contribute to a new Ambient Arkansas compilation he was assembling for Aural Films. Featuring over a dozen tracks from regional artists, the resulting collection is nothing short of immersive. So check it out below! My song "Arkanstayed" appears second in the tracklisting.  keep reading »

Got Soul? Testube re-issues 20 year old demo

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Soul Reissue

Most of you who have been a fan of Testube for a few years know the Second Soul album pretty well. But did you know that there was actually a first "Soul" release that came before that? Back in 1996, when I was first learning the in's and out's of my Alesis QS+, and wrestling with my band name a bit, I sent out a limited number of demo cassettes titled Soul. This collection of mid-tempo instrumentals was never sold, but rather used as a promo tool, and paved the way for the sound of the Second Soul album released shortly thereafter.  keep reading »

The Return of Salsa Nights at Aquarius!

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salsa nights

I'm pleased to announce that Melonlight has asked me to deejay their summer Salsa Nights at Aquarius again for 2016! When they first asked me to deejay last year, I knew very little about salsa music. Now I'm truly enjoying spinning a modern mix of all types of Latin ear-cuisine, including merengue, bachata, reggaeton, cumbia, samba, mambo, moombahton, and more! Whether you've heard of thee types of music or not, you owe it to yourself to come out and party with us!  keep reading »

New R010R release featuring remix by Nulectro

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I'm super excited to share a brand new R010R release from my friend Michael Renfield, featuring a special Nulectro Remix of his track "Airlockt"! If you like gritty, in-your-face, raw and militant synthesis, you should add R010R to your must-have list. The 4-track single was just released on Basic Unit Productions - check it out below!

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