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Testube presents Volume 1 of Anomalies collection

Anomalies Vol. 1

Thanks in part to heavy exposure on popular Youtube channels like Dark5, I've been seeing a resurgence of interest in my earliest Testube recordings. This prompted last year's 20 Year Anniversary re-release of the original Testube demo titled Soul. Following in those same nostalgic footsteps is Volume 1 of the Anomalies collection, which features lost tracks from the early days of the Testube project, including the two original debut tracks recorded live by myself and Bryan Elsloo. These two tracks - titled "Shango" and "Ritual" - appeared on the very first Testube self-titled cassette release on UEF Records. Also included in this new collection are six previously unreleased songs and four rare remixes/revisions of tracks that appeared in their original form on the Soul and Second Soul albums. All tracks in this first edition of the Anomalies collection were taken from the original analog master recordings, and given a minor bit of remastering. Special thanks to those who have rekindled an interest in these lost recordings from over 20 years ago!

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Testube releases new single titled Cost is Clear

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Testube - Cost is Clear

I'm super excited for you to hear my latest Testube single titled "Cost is Clear". It features a heavy, buzzing bassline and a multi-layered, throbbing beat, along with my usual dark vocals and effects. It also includes backing vocals by my son Corbin, as well as a short rap that he did for me. Hope you dig it!

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Exclusive Testube track for Standing Rock benefit comp!

Standing Rock benefit comp

CRL Studios has just released a 3-disc Standing Rock benefit compilation titled Sacred Territories, featuring a brand new exclusive track from Testube titled "Big White Lies". All proceeds will be used for financial relief of medical care, food, shelter and additional expenses accrued. Battling a large energy corporation hits close to home for me, as I spent over a year fighting the construction of high voltage transmission lines near my home. My heart goes out to the protesters and "water protectors" and I hope this is the last time they have to deal with this type of threat. Download the compilation here.

Shake your bones this Halloween

Dance of the Dead 2016

Temperatures have cooled, the air is crisp, and the smell of wood smoke fills my lungs. Autumn is in full force here in the Ozarks, and it is my favorite time of the year. In addition to the amazing displays of color we are treated with as the leaves change color, we also set our sights on the uncanny spectacles of Halloween. This year, we are hosting the 5th Annual Eureka Springs Zombie Crawl on October 29. Immediately following the Crawl, I will be spinning my favorite spooky tunes at the Dance of the Dead official Zombie Crawl after-party! This "dead man's party" runs from 7pm to 9pm in the Basin Park in Downtown Eureka Springs, and admission is free!

And as if shaking your bones with hundreds of ghoulish zombies isn't awesome enough, I have also been asked to deejay a party on Halloween night (Oct 31) at America's Most Haunted Hotel - the infamous Crescent Hotel. Admission is only $5, and runs from 8pm to 11pm. Don't be caught dead anywhere else! More info available here.

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