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Compilation tracks on the way!

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My friends at CRL Studios are assembling their Fifth Wavelength compilation, and it will feature an exclusive new Testube track. I've also submitted a new post-punk styled song from the upcoming Testube album Backwater for consideration by Side-Line for their new Post-Punk comp. My friend Mike Slanksy (Unterm Rad, Rekt) is also assembling a new compilation for Point Source Electronic Arts, and I have a new Testube track in the works for that one, as well. On top of all of this, I just landed a new job at our local historical museum, so it's been a busy month!

Testube covers Bowie's classic "Five Years"

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I don't do covers very often, but this song feels appropriate in March of 2021, after a year of experiencing the worst pandemic of our lifetime. I also don't regularly feature my voice without burying it under a ton of effects, but naked vocals are a necessity for this one - except for the final chorus!

"Five Years" is one of my absolute favorite songs by the late, great David Bowie, and this is a tribute to his amazing career and his music's influence on my life. If you're familiar with the original song, I hope you don't find this version too jarring. I tried to at least be authentic and sincere, and give it some new flavor.

If you're not already familiar with David Bowie's classic song "Five Years", you owe it to yourself to pick up his 1972 album the "Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars". I've spent countless hours listening to this album on repeat, and it has been a constant companion for many cross-country road trips. I hope it brings you some solace during these challenging times.

Listen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfTZE525Hh4

New music from my son's project Crowlock!

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My son Corbin has just released a new single titled "Rain" under his new project named Crowlock. He wrote and produced this on his own, and I just tweaked the mastering a bit for him. Super proud father here!

Face the Beat Volume 6 released!

Side-Line magazine has just released their latest compilation in the "Face the Beat" series, and it features an exclusive edit of the brand new track "Backyard Burner" by Testube! Featuring 139 tracks from a dizzying array of electronic and underground artists, you're sure to find some sounds that your ears enjoy. Visit the Side-Line page on Bandcamp and pay-what-you-can for this excellent music sampler.

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