The Audio Experiments of Jeff Danos

Jeff Danos has been crafting experimental electronic music since 1994. He enjoys creating order out of chaos, regardless of genre. Approaching each new musical release as an experiment in sound, he fuses atypical idm, industrial, glitch, and ambient textures into complex cohesive compositions...which is a fancy way of saying that he has a knack for making strange and experimental music somehow more palatable.

Testube is his most prominent musical project. However, this website will also include information on other related audio projects featuring Jeff Danos.

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New R010R release featuring remix by Nulectro

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I'm super excited to share a brand new R010R release from my friend Michael Renfield, featuring a special Nulectro Remix of his track "Airlockt"! If you like gritty, in-your-face, raw and militant synthesis, you should add R010R to your must-have list. The 4-track single was just released on Basic Unit Productions - check it out below!

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Testube to Deejay Mardi Gras Mayor's Ball

Mayors Ball Poster

This Saturday (Feb 6. 2016), I'll be spinning at the Mayor's Ball in Eureka Springs, as part of the City's official Mardi Gras celebrations. This year's theme is "Red Carpet Masquerade" and I'll be assembling a fun mix of mixed and mashed contemporary tracks and classics, along with updated Mardi Gras favorites and Hollywood themes. Brought to you by the Eureka Springs Chamber of Commerce, Basin Park Hotel, and our friends at Melonlight Dance.  keep reading »

Testube to deejay Star Wars Cosplay Convention!

DJ Testube stormtrooper

Super stoked to announce that I will be deejaying on Friday, December 11th at The Fans Awaken, an unofficial Star Wars themed Cosplay Party and Costume Convention here in Eureka Springs. This event is going to be intergalactic! There will be Twi'lek dancers, costume contests, photo ops, lightsaber demonstrations, blue milk, themed vendors, and more! Get your tickets here!

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